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Itential Workflow Designer

This course introduces the Itential Application Server platform’s network automation workflows used to automate network services. Enrollment ends November 15, 2019. Course has been superceeded by IAP101 and IWD110.

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only
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About This Course

Estimated course duration: 14 hours.

The Itential Workflow Designer Training course introduces the Itential Application Server platform. The course reviews the platform’s benefits, how it is used to build network automation applications and workflows, and describes its architecture.

Enrollment ends November 15, 2019. Learners will have until December 1, 2019, to complete all lectures and labs. Course has been superceeded by courses Introduction to the Itential Automation Platform and Tasks and Transitions.

Attendees will learn:

  • workflow structure and execution
  • how to design and build workflows
  • how to test and troubleshoot workflows
  • integrating forms into workflows with the Form Builder Application
  • automatically verifying network state before and after network changes using the MOP Application’s command and analytics templates

The course includes lectures and labs. Labs represent the course majority. Learners build, modify, review, and troubleshoot workflows. Learners learn how to locate relevant functions for workflow tasks, configure tasks, and assemble tasks together to construct automated jobs.


Learners should have a basic understanding of the processes used to manage network services' lifecycles.

Course Staff

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Andrew Austin

Andrew has 20 years experience working in network engineering and systems administration. He is experienced designing, building, troubleshooting, and managing IP/MPLS networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What web browser should I use?

The Open edX and Itential application server platforms work best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Internet Explorer versions 11 and above.